Going to a wedding in the spring. But it's way up north so I'm told it will be cold. Help with what's appropriate to wear?

As the title says I have to go to a wedding in Maine this spring.

I was like, oh, I’ll just wear a super springy light dress.


Not perfect.

It’s going to be freezing.

What is appropriate for that?

I know I’m going to have to buy a dress, but I’m unsure of what to wear.

If you have a suggestion, please post.

I’m plus sized and about 5’9".


Does this seem appropriate:


That is a super cute dress @Charles_Foster :+1:

Question: is it an indoor or outdoor wedding?

If it’s indoors then you defos have more leeway with attire and footwear.

If it’s outdoors, Maine will be cold during the spring depending which month the wedding takes place.

I would say if it’s indoors, that dress you posted would be amaaaze. Maybe opt for like a pea coat or insulated trench for to and from the venue.


Note: Portland is southern Maine, so temps are less brutal there.


Good information, @Schztuna.

Thank you!


You can look fancy without getting cold… a maxi skirt/dress is good, as there is air under your hem —> warm. Also you can wear double stockings underneath and no one can tell. Thermal leggings/tights are the best. Wear them under normal leggings and you’ll be fine.

Dress in layers. If you are outside, wear sweaters and cardigans under your coat and take them off when you’re indoors. If you have fancy hair and don’t want to ruin it, wear ear muffs or a headband that covers your ears. Wear wool, cotton or some clothing made of natural fibres (sorry my bad english) no polyester or things like that.

Footwear: “combat boots” are really fashionable now, you can wear them and wooly socks inside. There are very good looking heel boots made with a warm lining. Take a size too big so you can fit thick socks into them.

Wear a scarf as a accsessory

I hope this helps… i live in Finland and i love to dress up :slight_smile: we get extreme cold here as well!


I live right across the river from Maine actually.

spring. i’d wear some sort of warm shawl. it isn’t too bad up here temp wise but maybe i’m used to it. spring is wonderful here.

although i don’t know womens clothes much. everyone always wore jeans and tshirt or a sweater.

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Layers. Get multiple items you can add or remove as needed. Suggest a thrift store to save.


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