Going through a psychotic episode benefits 4 u

it strengthened me overall going through the mill

what did it do 4 u?

Things grow well in manure

fertilizer is it?

Nothing good came out of it, and I am definitely not better off.

Yes. Hows the not drinking going? It’s hard this time of year.

I offered up my broken mind as penance and it worked , I have no syptoms 10 years !!

I am discharged from the psyche clinic now, no more psychirits

its going ok , I will get flagged if I said what I really want too so I won’t

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I feel like a stronger individual since my three year long psychosis. I feel less depression and more at peace in general. Even though I have less going for me then before.

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The most important thing I learnt is to take my medication. On it I can almost function normally and experience normal emotions and personality growth. Off it I am wildly unstable chaotic demon. There is not much growth that can be achieved when I am that.


btw folks I had 5 psychotic episodes from 2000 to 2010, longest episode lasted 3 weeks, so that’s mild compared to others

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