Going Short Term inpatient

Thats nice. US is horrible. We are the third world country of 1st world countries.

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I am literally :fire: :fire: :fire:

Good luck @Joker hope you get some rest and care, and you are lucky with pdoc you talk with. Being in a hospital can sometimes be a relieve.

That’s it the end. Not a nice experience but gave me enough time to think

Now I am a closed book to everyone not on this forum

I told them to leave me alone

Have you been able to sleep some more @Joker ? Do you get some therapy in the ward?

How are you doing today so far?

As above, we’re done now

What an awful experience

I want nothing to do with them

Might be getting a mental health act assessment but I can bull my way through that

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I don’t like hospitals either.

I hope you’re able to manage on your own.

It has become a full time job chasing their support

To be honest it’s draining, and full of red tape

This was I can just try and heal myself

To be honest, having the odd 1 hour visit isn’t really helping me anyway

Services are so busy that referrals go unanswered

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Are you then going to stay on the same meds? Or are you still meeting with a pdoc to tweak them?

I have instructed the pdoc to get the primary care doctor to prescribe them


They threw me in handcuffs in a child molester van all the way to Georgetown. I slept the whole way. I’ve been mistreated by psych ward before.

You’re lucky to get anxiety meds . I used to take Clonazepam. They won’t let anyone have it I guess. I was never addicted. Outpatient seems easy I guess.