Going scuba diving soon

if i get eaten by sharks know that i loved this world and everybody in it, especially you guys bc we all should be helping each other feel better, its in our nature to help and to care.

take it easy guys


Enjoy the dive

Sorry about my previous post

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My sister in law was trapped in a cave by a grouper the size of a VW Beetle. She got out okay, but my brother was worried for a minute there.

good on you for doing something totally different.
it takes courage :heart:
take care :alien:
p.s don’t worry about sharks…they have better things to do ! :fish:

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I’ve always wanted to know if you guys that hear voices can still hear them when scuba diving (perhaps below thirty feet). I was thinking that maybe the pressure would have an effect on parts of the brain that are involved with hearing voices. I figure this would be found when flying in a plane as well but I think they would have found out by now.


nice pic drzen :slight_smile:

@tobornottob12b i dont think that has am influence, the only thing that madE me paranoid once was when we landed and my ears hadnt equalized and i couldnt hear properly i thought that a couple of people were plotting against me and mocking me but it had nothing to do with pressure it was more to do with hearing,

i am worried about going down there though, my symptoms are totally under control so it shouldnt be a problem, he said if i can snorkel then i can do this, the thing with comms down there is its all hand signals and we do need to equalize our ears on the way down as well lol but i’m ok with that.

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i’m doing this for me and all of schizkind just to show that it can be done while on meds for this serious mental health problem, :slight_smile:

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So, how did the dive go?

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hey there, you back

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had a great dive depite everything lol,

i was very worried about my breathing and anxiety but it was ok, i had a gag reflex but its better now,

we had a practice run down to the bottom to get use to the air feed, it was ok, so then we headed off to the deep water and it was a lot harder,

i had to go in backwards and i nearly panicked bc i was upside down and i wasnt use to the flippers lol, then a flipper came off and he put them on tighter , then my weight belt slipped down and he had to tighten it :confused: then my ears were sore and i tried to pop my ears to equalize the pressure.

after all that it was plane sailing, i was under water and swimming about like a fish, i spotted an octopus getting bullied by some fish lol it was amazing and i want to do more.

i was told that if i dive 4 times in open water then do a little theory then i can get my diving license :slight_smile: i’d love to do that.

(no sharks btw) unfortunately haha, naaa jk :wink:

I’m glad to hear that you’re enjoying life. Maybe it will develop into a hobby.

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I’ve been diving a few times and almost drowned once when I got so excited by the experience it felt like flying when going over the ledges in the reef so I was breathing all my air up too quickly and did not stay with my brother and our friend (looking for treasures) and had to find and signal my brother that I was running out of air and signaled going up he had to hurry and catch up to my panicking self and actually had to slow me down a bit by grabbing my fin we had to buddy breathe just to get up to the surface safely without drowning and getting a pneumothorax in my lung. I broke the number one rule in diving and that is to never leave your buddy when diving, always stay together.

yeah i broke that rule as well, i ran out of air and the instructress was trying to signal me to go up but i didnt understand and she was tapping my fin so i looked back and she signalled up and i went up and got breath just in the nick of time :slight_smile:

she probably would have given me some of her air though if i needed it, another thing that happened was that i had a little blood in my nose from trying to equalize my ears but they said that it happens sometimes.

when we got out one of the instructors said he was laughing his head off at me trying to swim, said i had powerful arms and the girl said she was worried i wouldnt do it at first bc my ears were having a hard time but she said that once that was ok i did really well :slight_smile: and i saw an octopus lol.

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