Going outside by myself.. baby steps

I live right in the downtown core of a huge, semi-busy city. I absolutely hate it but I’m gonna be here for a while so I’m re-learning how to run little errands on my own. I just got back from the pharmacy and picked up some cat food for my babies and toiletries for my mom. Last week I went into McDonalds and picked up some lunch for my mom and I.

I hope I can continue to complete these little tasks and eventually venture more outside.


This is good news @MissJennyJen!
Yeah baby steps forward! :slight_smile:

Glad for u …continue.:slight_smile:

Thanks Wave! I hope you’re having a good day :slight_smile:

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Thank-you my friend :slight_smile:

I am glad for you miss! At least you struggle :grinning: you live isolated thats right? Since when dear? Me since too long but i am glad for you​:slight_smile::kissing_heart:

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Hey Anna! Thank-you for the kind words :). I actually live with my mom right now so that helps. I wanna move out one day though, but I’m okay at home for now.

good for you…the more you go outside the easier it will become…you just have to fight the anxiety a bit…go girl !!