Going out for sushi!

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It went really well! I got the TNT roll, ginger salad, half a stir fry rice, and two marble sodas! It was all really good! I had so much fun! Unfortunately I had to stop by the local vape shop and get a CBD cigarette due to anxiety

After we ate we had a tea party at her place then went to my place and David, her, and I talked for a long while after it was so much fun!


That sounds like a fantastic time! I’m so glad you had fun!


@bridge thank you! I had lots of fun


Good for you! I love vegetarian sushi.

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True story. In 1984 I was working at a popular hot tub place near Stanford University. The owners made a fortune on it. In fact my boss bought a Masarati to tool around in. Anyways they put a Sushi bar in. I think Sushi was just getting popular at the time. I had no interest in eating sushi but my coworkers kept pestering me to try it.

I bought a little plate with salmon skin rolls and it had ginger and a dollop of some green stuff to dip the sushi in. I assumed the green stuff was guacamole and dipped the sushi in it and got a big piece of the green stuff.

Obviously it was not guacamole and I stuffed it in my mouth! I think it was the hottest thing I ever had in my life. I choked and tears were running down my cheeks. It burned all the way up into my nose. Wow, I’ll never forget that.


Glad u had a fun time

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