Going on Risperidone

can you give me some hints and tips for what I am getting myself into.

A good med, you’ll probably be more tired when you take it but that’s about it. I ended up involuntarily biting my tongue on that line of meds but that was just me.

Does it calm you down or just help with sleep?

Neither, I took it in the mornings and it just made me a bit tired. That will probably wear off after a while. It would help you sleep if you took it at night.

It’ll help with your symptoms, the tiredness is just a side-effect. Sometimes the prescribe Seroquel to help people sleep.

I am supposed to take it three times a day. They want to calm me down. Haven’t slept since Thursday.

It should help with that. It’s a good med.

Allergic to Serroquel

Will it stop the voices?

It should help. I can’t say for sure or not, everyone is different and experiences different degrees of illness.

It was a very good med for me and if it wasn’t for that tongue biting stuff then I’d still be on it.

Thanks that’s better than what he tells me he always tells me this one will work on the voices and it doesn’t.

What do you take?

Like I mentioned, it is a good med, one of the best. I’m glad you’re going on it, this is a time for high hopes. I hope it works well for you too.

I’m on Abilify, Trilafon, and Luvox now. They work pretty well.

Do any of them come in generic?

I know the Trilafon and Luvox have generics, I think Abilify will be generic soon.

That’s good to know for next time I have to change. You have been really nice,thank you.

Don’t let anyone hear you say that. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I think Risperidone has been around long enough that it almost certainly has gone generic. I take Geodon, and it came out after Risperidone, and Geodon has gone generic. Geodon and Seroquel have been good med’s for me.

April 2015 it goes generic.

Risperdal is the most effective AP I have ever been on - one can even get by with a low dose.
It does make you gain weight usually and it messes with your blood sugar levels usually - it messes with prolactin many times. It is very potent and for the most part effective med - I like the way it makes me feel