Going on a Road Trip

Going on a road trip this weekend to Montreal with my young nephew.

As I mentioned before, his Dad (my brother) took his own life last December. The kid has been drifting ever since. I think it will be a good opportunity to bond with each other.

I’ll never replace his father, but perhaps I can fill a bit of the shoes of my older brother…and provide some emotional support for my relative.

I’m visiting my Uncle who is 84 years old. He never had kids and he’s apparently leaving me and my siblings a king’s ransom from his estate. But I love him dearly, and hope he lives to a hundred.


Seems like a nice thing to do.

Hope you can have some fun.

And, I also want to visit Montreal one day.


I’ll take some pics with my nephew’s phone and post them on this thread when I’m back in town.


I hope you have fun and get in some great bonding time


Aw man. It would be so hard to lose a parent. Im glad you are taking the time put to look out for your nephew. That probably means a lot to him.


That’s great!

Hope you have a lovely road trip.:pray:t4::two_hearts::slightly_smiling_face:

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That is a great thing to do. Good for you and hope you guys have fun. :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


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