Going off some meds

I currently am on five meds and im thinking about reduce them myself becasue I dont feel like myself anymore because of them. Has anyone else done this with successful outcomes? I wanna feel the way I feel when Im asleep and awake at the same time. I cant stand this thoughts of self denial and no crying and I wish I could get the hell out of this world these meds are lies I will see clearer and clearer without them the truth behind every day life


I cannot stress enough that you need to consult with your pdoc in regards to any changes in medication.

Why were you prescribed five medications?


Because they think I need them

I have learned from others and myself if you wanna change something make sure it’s not your ap(s) I changed my vitamin in take and my pdoc was fine with it but I’ve been told over and over again by my mom and a few very good friends never go off your ap(s) without talking to your pdoc bout it first.

i am on 6 meds just from my pdoc and he feels i need them i have tried in the past to quit and sometimes you feel pretty good for awhile maybe even a year but its just a matter of time before a relapse.

I just dont get why they must bring me down like this they think im gonna flip ill flip more wishing to be myself again. I still get outta wack even on them

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I recently stopped taking my Lexapro (escilatopram) and am doing okay. I’m thinking about not taking my Wellbutrin (bupropion) as well. But I wouldn’t stop taking my Abilify ( aripiprazole) for any reason.

Why wouldnt you go off abilify, is it helpful? Honestly im just wondering. I was thinking of going off antipsychotics and only take my lamictal and neurontin

yes 3 times hospital 5 times

Because I definitely need the AP so I don’t relapse and damage my brain.

Would going off lamactal and neurontin be a better option if doing it at all? I know you dont know my mental state or anything but im told the lamictal and neurontin are for my mood i feel pretty mellow these days and not upity and manicy so maybe that would be better

I wouldn’t stop the Lamictal personally it’s for either seizures or bipolar and both of those sound pretty serious. Is the neurontin for Bipolar disorder? I wouldn’t quit that one either then…

Wikipedia says the use of neurontin off label for bipolar disorder is questionable, based on quality of evidence from trials.

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I take them for mania but ive been feeling rather calm, a little too calm now im dopey sometimes. Im not sure which would be better, go off mood stabilizers or go off both antipsychotics or maybe just one. Im on vraylar and haldol for antipsychotics

I’m not a doctor, but if it was me and I was prescribed two different APs and two different drugs for mania and felt like I was dealing with too many side effects, then I would ask the doctor to switch me to just one AP and one pill for mania. If he didn’t listen I’d consider switching doctors and maybe stop taking the neurontin in the meantime. But I wouldn’t stop taking the APs because when they prescribe you two they put them at a lower dose than if you were only taking one AP.

I just read that Zyprexa (olanzapine) is prescribed for both schizophrenia and mania. That’s the one-drug answer.

Consult pdoc first before you do

I’d like to go off my meds but I won’t. Def consult your pdoc before making any changes

Okay I guess this is all whats best. I wont go off them but im just gonna cut my neurontin in half. I was having a pretty tricky mental night last night and wanted to say the hell with it… @frencheese I was on zyprexa before and it stopped working for me sadly

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that seems to be a theme with zyprexa. my dad was on zyprexa for awhile. he never use to admit it but it stopped working and he was switched to seroquel and recently put on lithium.