Going off of medication

I’m new to this page as of today so cut me some slack if I’m saying something wrong. A few years ago i was addicted to methamphetamine. I had never heard voices or had paranoia and delusions until about a year into my using. I would use heavily go into psychosis and wind up in the hospital. Through many visits with different doctors the diagnosis was always the same, drug induced psychosis, until recently. Obviously the doctors recommendations were to stop using and eventually the voices would go away but they haven’t. I recently took a year sober and i have 2 doctors from the program saying 2 different things. One believes I’m schizoeffective the other believes the voices are a product of the druaway

Now to get to my point. I’ve been on almost every antipsychotic med available and the one that finally made the paranoid delusions go away was the clozaril. I was on clozaril for about 6 months and invega for 18 months. I spoke with my doctor about going off medications completely and he said i could try but if my symptoms returned to go back on the invega. None of the medications made the voices go away but they did stop the delusions and paranoia. I’ve been off all antipsychotic medication for over a month now and have had no issues. Is it possible this is all caused by the drugs? Do i risk relapse of symptoms being off medication?


Tough one. Meth can cause it’s own psychosis but many recover from first episode to not need meds. If symptoms return then it’s probably a sign your on meds for life. Keep off the street drugs…they aren’t for you these days! and good luck.


Its good you have doctors help when it comes to giving up meds.

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It’s possible you could relapse. But it’s one of those things that’s different for everybody. It’s possible it was drug induced but it’s hard to say for sure.

Tough choice,

Idk really take the time to take everything in account.

Every anti psychotic has side effects. Some side effects are common to all anti psychotics. So, it is possible that you were experiencing these side effects in addition to the therapeutic effect of these drugs. Now, Since you stopped all drugs you are not experiencing their side effects at present. But since you took these drugs until now their therapeutic effect is continuing to protect you. I think after 3 or 4 months when this effect weens away you will again start seeing the symptoms of your disease.

Makes sense. I thought i was having some strange thoughts the other night so i took my invega. Slept better, but when i woke up the voices were louder. I know i need to meet with my dr about this but i won’t be able to see him for a few weeks. I wouldn’t have gone off of them if he didn’t say i could try it and see if it gets worse. So far i feel a little better. Not so tired, starting to enjoy doing things i used to do like having some friendly competition at work. Going out into busy places like restaurants, not drinking alcohol (1yr 2mo sober.) And still having a good time, going to the mall around hundreds of people stuff that before i couldn’t do. I felt grogged down which turned into self esteem issues (i could do this before why can’t i now) maybe they had me on too high of a dosage? What is your experience with Invega?