Going off AD meds

Yeah @Bowens . It’s a common side effect

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Every person is unique, but with me I get bad without antidepressants. I’ve tried stopping, but went right back on them.

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Thanks for the info… I’ll try and pay close attention to see if I start going downhill…

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Yes, be careful. I’m SzA and probably depressive type but the pdoc didn’t specify which type I was. I’m doing fine now that I’m back on Cymbalta.

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Yeah… same thing for me, when I was in the hospital they just said sza but didn’t specify, but when I started going to the community mental health place they went with depressive type.

Glad you have stuck to your ADS!

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This is what I did and I think I am ok without an AD

Was very risky, but the pdoc admits finally that he missed diagnosed me

I told him if I had clinical depression, then I’d be depressed all throughout the working day, but I am not

We’re working on some social supports now

Not to sure about that though

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I see it’s your birthday. Happy birthday @Joker .


Yes it is! I am 34 today

Thank you



I quit my AD about 8 years ago (I think), other than horrible withdrawal effects that lasted for about 3 months I am glad I went off it. I decided to quit because I didn’t feel depressed anymore. After I quit and the withdrawal was over I was fine.

Good luck!

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Ive been off them for a while but might ask for one again.

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I had to stop prozac asap it was making me so angry now i am scared to try another ad.

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