Going into remission...?

Hey guys, a few years ago before I was actually sick I was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder, I was again given the same diagnosis this past summer and then in September I had a psychotic episode. Since the episode I’ve been feeling really tired all the time, have lack of initiative and have just felt generally lazy. Lately however I’ve been feeling less of these things and feel somewhat normal again. I’m only on 5 mgs of abilify, I’ve never had voices, and I’ve never experienced a manic episode as far as I know. Has anyone had a similar experience? Am I going into remission? Did I ever even have schizoaffective disorder???


I’ve also been more able to socialize, get school work done, and have felt generally not so schizo. I was diagnosed with psychotic depression as well, but I’ve been on APs and antidepressants for months now, I think by now my symptoms would be entirely gone if psychotic depression were the case.

im also on5mg abilify and feel a bit like im going into remission too…




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