Going @#$%ing Crazy

I haven’t eaten in two days, and my brain is going ■■■■■■■ crazy. I never sleep and I feel like I’m high, but I haven’t smoked any weed in weeks.
I am not real, anymore and everyone in my head is talking nonstop, and being kind of silly, actually. Whit is being his usual self, but everyone else is being silly, and honestly really annoying, and I wish they would f%cking cut it out!
I have to fast and pray for 3 more days, but I secretly plan to keep going till my birthday on the 25th, because I promised myself, last year, that by my next birthday I wouldn’t be fat. I just don’t know how I am going to keep going when my head is being like this.
Ugh… :confounded::scream::laughing::sob::rage::disappointed::sleeping:

don’t starve yourself!

I may only be a two year nursing student but one of the first things you learn in any medical setting are the dangers of extreme dieting.

The first thing your body starts to break down during these ‘fasting’ diets is not fat but muscle and organ tissue! You can cause irreversible damage to your liver and kidneys by doing this!

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We’ll I have to do it to pray for my brother, so why not just go till the 25th. I’m sure I won’t die by then, it’s not even that long.

I think you should contact a doctor and make a plan about changing your diet with a professional. It is not good to fast. Tell a trusted friend or family member that you need to go to the hospital. The hospital is boring, but it is safe and they’ll help you get back on track.

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Fasting doesn’t have to mean taking away all food… Just take away something u love that’s still healthy for u to live without…

Well, my mom is going without food and I promised I would do it with her.

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You might want to research fasting online. Some people swear by it but I have heard many people say that it is not a good way to lose weight. You may lose weight by fasting but the odds are high that you will gain it right back. Going on a healthy diet of proteins and vegetables is a good way to go, and keeping carbs to a minimum. My opinion on the pot smoking is the same I give to everyone. I would bet that it’s doing you more harm than good.


Do you drink coffee or smoke? You’re definitely relapsing.

If you have a sleep aid take it.

… And eat something god damn it. Peanut butter toast. 7$.

Sleep will get you in line.

Don’t ingest foreign neurochemicals, caffeine, nicotine, whatnot.

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That’s a really bad idea for a SZ. She should understand.

She doesn’t know the details of my mental state. She just knows I have anxiety, and that’s it. I don’t tell her about my other issues, because last time I tried she told me I have demons and tried to have me exorcised.

Thats no good bunny.

My grandma said some creepy ■■■■.

Thankfully the rest of my immediate family are agnostic and careless to the presence of religious influences.

Healthy beverages: broth, diluted juice without added sugar, Ensure or any other protein drink with lots of vitamins and minerals, miso soup, non-caffeinated herbal teas, something with electrolytes (Recharge by Knudsen is natural)

I don’t think it’s healthy to fast; my family member usually stops eating when becoming more psychotic. All different aspects of body chemistry went off balance and effects of starvation showed up in routine blood tests.

Please give yourself the care you need.


No doctors…

I researched it, also read a few books on the subject, over the years. It’s the fastest way to lose weight, and it resets my system. And my appetite.

I don’t smoke, anymore. I drink one very diluted, light coffee in the morning. However today I had 3 coffees, tea, and vegetable broth.
It made me go into my other brain and I was stuck there all day. That is the longest I have ever been stuck there for in my life. Thankfully I was not completely out of control of myself, or it would have been quite a disaster.
I just went to town with my sister, played pool and acted a little weird. No harm done… She was drunk and barely noticed the change. At least I didn’t freak out or break down.
I have no sleep aid… Going to be a long night. At least I am back in my own body, and my own brain. Coming off the high, buy should hopefully fall asleep soon.
I try not to ingest foreign neurochemicals, but sometimes I get tired and I need a small boost.

Having set backs u can’t control is one thing but it seems to me ur kinda self inducing it by not eating… If u must fast than don’t do it longer than u said u would to ur mom… I don’t think u should do it at all…at least from totally not eating… But can’t stop u… We all make our own choices…

My mother doesn’t understand. No one does, to be honest.
It has become my secret. I kind of like it this way. It is between me and my friends that only I can see. No else can be trusted. So far I have maintained my persona. I wake up each day, and I step into my normal person suit. Fake smile, carefully chosen words.
I have to remind myself that it’s what’s best for me, to keep from ruining everything.

It’s only 13 more days. I will be okay.
I am not inducing anythinf, I am just having a really bad day-- okay, make that a bad month… That’s why I made this post.
Being uncomfortably hungry just really isn’t helping my mood and toleration.


Hey now that’s the 25th… U said u were going to push it till than bet that’s not the date u started off at… Why r u starving ur self? My image… 265 5"10 buzzed hair… If it’s for self image it’s on the inside… Take care of ur health as well as ur appearance.

Gotta balance.

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Can I ask you why you refuse help from doctors?