Going home on FRIDAY

I’m so pleased. 151515


Good news ! Are you able to walk etc. ?

Great news @firemonkey

Are you still getting the pain, or is that solved now?

Walk with frame. The important thing is I’ll be able to manage the stairs. The pain is minimal.


That’s wonderful news @firemonkey !

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Glad to hear that you can go home! That was quite an ordeal.

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Glad to hear you’re mobile @firemonkey – that’s a pretty major operation to bounce back from.


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That’s great! I’m glad you’re doing well

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Yay! I’m glad you’re doing good.

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Good to hear matey.

Great to hear!!

Just tested positive for Covid

FFS. What does that mean now for you? Do you have to stay there to isolate, or can you go home?

Are you boosted?

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I should have had the booster,but couldn’t get out of the flat to have it

I hope you recover from covid smoothly @firemonkey


sorry to hear you got covid… hopefully you don’t get too sick.

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This is horrible news for me bring one of your followers I would really miss you if something happened to you I wish you the best of recovery and Godspeed your friend Zen

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Was set to go home with a carer coming in 3X a day,but they have tested positive for Covid


This is wonderful news @firemonkey!
I’m really glad for you.

Not so wonderful unfortunately.