Going Hard or Going home

I don’t like to do resolutions these days as I know it’s very hard to keep them going and I think it’s important to be a bit realistic with sz and all. Still. I’m turning 50 this year and I’m determined to be a lot healthier and thinner by July for my birthday.

I’ve been doing some good things with food and living an almost diet so tomorrow I’m going to devote most of my energy to it. I am in a good place mentally and it’s time for sure. So tomorrow it’s more exercise and it’s continuing on the path of a diet and portion control. Wish you all a good year with what you need to work on and hoping some of you join me on the path of more physical wellness. My ultimate goal is get down to 90kgs. That is a big step of 10kgs but lets see how I do…

Time to adopt some change so it’s go hard or go home time for me…:slight_smile:


How tall are you?
I am a sore loser these days…when things go wrong at work,I get back home wtf

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I’m 6’2" and can wear some weight but most is around my stomach and my blood pressure was up recently. Everything else is good so it’s more exercise and eating right. That is the issue. It’s so easy for me to eat what I enjoy and often that isn’t good for you…

Keep up the exercise. It really has helped my motivation to get to a point where I feel I can do this realistically. That is huge in my book…

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