Going from one extreme to another

I find I oscillate from being sappy sweet to intolerably evil. No one is all good or all evil. I thought the other day that if I was really serious about being kind to others I’d have been doing volunteer work by now. I saw my older brother go through puberty anger and it must have disturbed me. I really think it is just learned behavior. I find God when anger overcomes me, and I think I just clinch my fist when depressed. I am too tough, but I did attempt suicide the last time due to depression not sh#tty voices. What’s with the auto correct? Do we really need this? I swear it’s such a damn stupid program that I think it is a deliberate attempt to keep people from communicating!!!


It’s a short leash, and big world.

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Good time to listen to music and vibe with the meaning of it all. It’s 4:30am I’m listening to Queens of the Stone Age and on this forum. I can see the viscera anger from your words emanating out of the screen, Jeesh.

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