Going for a hike and checking out a new city

There’s this pretty nice 40,000 person city on the outskirts of my county…the last town/city before you reach the next county. My apartment complex is a chain apartment place and they have 2 complexes in this small little city on the outskirts of my county. The rent there is almost $400 a month less for the same deal. It’s farther away from New York City so it’s much less fast-paced and pressured and expensive. But still a city nonetheless which I like. The people there are a lot less conservative-mannered and just overall different. It’d be easier to find a job for once my current business I work for closes down in 3 months.

So my lease is up in March and I think I want to move there but obviously wanna check it out first. I’ve only been there a couple times in my life. It would be further away from my family but I’d find things to do. So I’m going to go up there for a hike in their state park, and getting a bite to eat in town. If nothing else it should be a fun day. Wish me luck.


Good luck. Let us know how it goes

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Lol, the city I live in is the capital of my state and it only has 30,000 people. Delaware sucks haha

The hike was beautiful I saw a waterfall and it was cool. The city is way different…reminds me of Vermont but not as far…or as green. There’s so much less hustle n bustle. It’s low key. I like that. I just am unfit for the pressure of the metropolitan area. I wore my work boots but I still think they could tell I was from out of town getting lunch. But I’d learn to blend in. I’m never gonna be the mayor where I go. My anxiety went down on the drive up. Felt comfortable.

The deli wasn’t Hispanic and Italians working but blonde women…but that doesn’t matter. Less diversity maybe. More middle class. Where I live it’s 20% ghetto 20% rich 60% middle class. This place is like 90% middle class and a couple rich folks but no ghetto. I liked it.

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