"going down the rabbit hole"

May I tell you what “going down the rabbit hole,” means to me. It happens when I think real hard and then get lost in my own thoughts and come up with ideas that are obviously wrong. It could also be called “over-thinking.” It’s excessive introspection.
I totally believe the thoughts at the time. I realize later that I was not in touch.
I need to recognize good ideas from those that are trivial or meaningless.


I think ideas are always wrong.They come sudden and may guide you to act without thinking.It’s a sort of sudden ending of thinking process when your brain can’t tolerate thinking and thoughts any more,so it reacts in only possible way-to came up with an idea.It’s like when you have very bad dream,then your brain reacts by waking you up.
When I have an idea from over thinking,I think twice about it.At first,I accept it and feel urge to do so,and then again,think for second time if my idea is good or bad.Kind of introspection.
It’s hard to not follow the idea,because it’s a sort of escape,but in a short term.If idea is something that is personally indifferent,like going for a walk or cook something,it’s not that bad.
But people with MI come often with possibly harmful ideas,and then it’s a problem.

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I took to heart what you said about me having ‘advanced schizophrenia’ the other day.

Do you have any time to chat? What you said about ideas being predominantly or always wrong is interesting…

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PM me,I’ll explain,sorry for the other day…

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Don’t apologize I appreciate the gut reaction even if it was not what I wanted to hear.

There still seems to be some debate out there over whether or not this disorder gets worse as you get older…

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Yeah can relate. I thought way too much before meds. My brain never shut off and just kept going. I really did have racing thoughts for a long time but now age and meds I don’t do so bad.

Sz is a disorder of introspection. It really is. With meds for most though you can move forwards. You learn your symptom set and move from there.


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