Going down on Aristada

Do you know how I can get lower dosage for Aristada 1064?
I have been told that next I should take 882 mg for 6 months but to me it sounds it even gets more. 1064 is for 8 weeks(or 2 months not sure) and 882 for 6.
Please let me know if you went down on it. And how was the process? How long were you on 1064 and what was next dosge?

Thank you.

I guess it’s a bad time for a joke.


Above 6 is weeks,

You read my mind…

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Yeah, it’s in the gutter with mine.

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I’ll pull up a chair for you.

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I want to get rid of meds, but need to have a plan. For now I requested less dosage until I have my plan because my injection is due on Monday! But looks like my dosage even got more!!!

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