Going Crazy Again

…this always happens when I get hyper-creative. The Radio and TV are mocking me again…

I’m sorry to hear that @Patrick I hope you get to see your pdoc soon so he can help you.


Every time I get close to success, my delusions of persecution escalate…like my soul is telling me I’m not worthy of good fortune.

Oh man, I’m sorry Patrick. Call your pdoc first thing in the morning.

You know the radio and TV hosts can’t know you, you know this. Try to think of the craziness of that thought, let it go away.

What are they mocking?

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It’s complicated, Minn…I’ll call my Doc in the morning.


I get symptoms when I get manic, they’re usually just glitches and disappear in a matter of hours. Deluded thoughts and such. This will not hinder your recovery, it’s just a glitch.

And you can be successful, you’re very talented and someone will see that, someone that can help you sell your stuff.

Crazy or not, you’ll make it :wink:



You always seem to slap some sense into me! :wink:


I’ll just keep the Radio and TV off until I see my psychiatrist. It becomes unbearable after a while. Double…triple…quadruple…meanings coming at me from all directions.

I remember that feeling, it can be overwhelming. Can you try to get some sleep? Maybe you’ll feel better in the morning. Make some tea, pet your cat. These things always help me.

I hadn’t activated my Facebook account in over a year. When I logged in today, I had over 50,000 likes.

That doesn’t make any sense to me. It has started the paranoia ball rolling in my mind.

Unless I misread something…it’s possible. I misinterpret things when I’m becoming psychotic.

Facebook always triggers my anxiety, that triggers ocd, that triggers delusions, or it used to, so I stay away from it. Sometimes when I find a really good tune on youtube I go online and post it, but usually never go through the feed.

I deactivated my old account, made a new one with 10% of the friends, and only use it to chat with my friends on messenger…

I really dislike facebook.

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Sorry you’re going through this. Use your common sense as much as you can, and ignore the triggers. Do you have a good support network?

Someone is playing a mocking joke on me. It’s not possible for me to have over 50,000 likes on Facebook.

But I’m not gonna cave in this time. To all of the tens of thousands/ millions of people out there who want me dead…not this time!

No one wants you dead Patrick, that’s your usual delusion. All of us here want you well.

Try to get some sleep, please. Do you have a sleeping aid?

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This is what I’m going to say to my Psychiatrist at my next appointment…

You’ll be fine. Just get some sleep. Who can you talk to right now to calm you down?

Hi @Patrick. Sorry you are going through this. It’s all delusions and I think you know that. I don’t want you dead, I want you alive being your usual funny and wonderful self. Get some rest and come back to us.

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I’m seeing my Doctor this morning. Thank you all for your concerns and thoughtfulness. :sunny: