Going cold turkey on tobacco

I could be mad at dad but I don’t know how hard it is for him to quit. All I’m thinking is that it’s too late to save him. I want you guys to quit smoking and I mean it from my heart.


I think the most people who smoke and have a Sz - have a lot harder to quit. As the tobacco kinda makes your system slower or in a high kinda mode then. But I think if I feel the same way tomorrow too, like I feel now, I am able to be without smoking.

It’s too late for me. I’m 44 and they found two growths in my lungs 2mm shy of being considered cancer. That was 2 years ago and I haven’t been back. My mom has lung cancer right now. It’s to lake to quit for me. The damage is done.

Good Luck Jimbo :slight_smile:

I went 24 hours without a smoke cold turkey. It’s like jumping in a pool

No cigs for the last 12 hours.


I uldn’t find the Target gum I chew so I bought patches and quit. It wasn’t easy at first. A sugerfree bubble gum helps


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bble gum.