Going back to therapy

As days pass our brains mature. New life obstacles present themselves. I admit I’ve been testing the thickness of my social shell. Been getting beat up some, been learning some, been tackling it everyday. Addiction doesn’t just doesn’t have to mean drugs. Relationships can be addicting in an unhealthy way. It’s a see-saw and it’s my turn to come back up, but every time I do I am left feeling down. So I got some things I need to work out, it’s been awhile, I quit going because I thought I did not need therapy. I’ve realized that the right bit of advice can propel me psychologically for days. Then things change. And a new approach is required. That’s just gods way I reckon for keeping things new and interesting.


I love your new pondering’s. It gives me something to ponder as well. In that pondering, new ideas come, from those new ideas I talk myself into trying new things. When they work out, I have a new tool in my tool box for coping with all this.

As far as therapy… when things feel like they are going well, I still go once in a while, but when my wheels are coming off, I go more often. I’ve come to learn that I have a say in my remission. Another thing I learned is, the plan for keeping me on track can be just as flexible as anything in life.

It’s up to me to do this.


I go to therapy. I think I’m going to stop going to group and try single for a while and then stop that also cause I really feel normal some days are hard but not many. I might be able to handle it. Maybe I’ll join a NAMI group.

I’m glad I gave you something to ponder as well. I am always trying new things. Your right when they work out it becomes a new tool.

I am starting to like my therapist. She checks to see how I am doing as a patient and as a person separate from my disorder

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That is a gift. I love it when I can talk to a therapist or a doctor and not have every little sniffle or yawn be linked to my SZ.

It’s also a treat when some of the family puts the SZ books AWAY and just talks to me about plants or sandwiches.

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