Going back to taking meds twice a day

a little while ago my hands were sweating and i was close to panicking thinking people in my house are talking about me because i was just watching game of thrones and their was ALOT of moaning so they probably think i am watching stuff and doing stuff and i just have this horrible feeling i just have so much anxiety since i started taking my meds once a day also i get bad withdrawal symptoms starting about half way through the day that don’t go away until i wake up the next day so the withdrawal might be why i am feeling like this

so it looks like I’m going back to taking my meds twice a day i might just not wake up as early as i used to because i was taking it every 12 hours before now i might just take it whenever i wake up because i don’t start feeling bad until around 5 pm so I’m probably gonna take it like 10 am at the latest i think i will set an alarm for 9 tho in case i don’t wake up early enough i used to take my meds at 8am i really hate how sedating the meds are when i take them in the morning but its not as bad as feeling how i feel now

that’s how i used to feel sometimes. it’s insightf that you’re seeing a difference in med routine.