Going around in circles

Is it a problem for anyone else?

For example i seem to go through the same set of problems every month

Dilemmas: should i come off meds? My past tormenting me, feeling suicidal, fed up about my weight, trying to quit smoking, trying to find a solution to problems

Its the same old dilemmas all the time and my husband is the person that has to talk sense into me. He says bottom line is leave meds the way the are because im a nightmare off them. And he says just see your family when it suits you and he says im not that fat and i look okay

Thats aside from all my other paranoid and worries thoughts

Does anybody else go round in circles all the time?

Its like im driving myself nuts thinking of solving these problems but i can’t


And i am really fat btw, i don’t like being so big its bad for internally

I think going in circles is natural as long as you’re getting closer to the center every time :slightly_smiling_face:


Im not getting closer to the centre thats just it, im going in circles :joy:

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My weight is an issue also. I like to race bicycles and I’m just too overweight.

I was skipping doses every week of my medication because I didn’t want to feel so bogged down during the day and it’s caught up with me.

As of now I will take my mental stability over my weight issues, I also know weight can be a health concern also but right now my priority is my mental stability.

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I agree mental health being under some control is best but i asked my psychiatrist 5 years ago for a weight neutral med and its turned out to be a med that doesn’t allow me to lose any weight

Im tired of banging my head against a brick wall all the time in vain trying to lose weight and nothings working

Im beginning to think all Aps make me fat and emotionally numb, not good.

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I can’t say I ever had the problem. I know which issues I am willing to fix and when. There’s lots of stuff in my life that I want to change, some I am not willing to because for one reason or another I am unwilling to engage with what would solve the problem.

As far as weight goes, APs can really do you in and negatives low key slash your daily caloric intake by a lot. That being said, you can lose weight if that’s what you want. Understand what the cost of losing weight is set at for you and come to terms with whether you are willing to go through with the solution or not. There doesn’t need to be any judgment involved if you don’t want to do it but the idea that you can’t lose weight on APs is purely fabricated. Things can make it harder to lose weight by either reducing your caloric consumption or increasing your hunger, your cravings or lowering your impulse control but that doesn’t change the fact that you can in fact lose weight.

It’s kind of hard to make further suggestions because I am trying not to be demoralizing, all I can say is that a dude literally didn’t eat at all for a year to lose weight, you don’t need to be that drastic but my point is where there’s a will there’s a way but we can’t figure out for you whether it’s worth your effort, if you make the commitment we can give you advice and if you have recurring challanges we can help you strategize your way around them, but as long as you see the problem as impossible to deal with things will stay that way because what makes it impossible is that you are unwilling to compromise what’s normal for what’s needed.

I’ll tell you what worked for me, I started with the bare minimum suggested for me and kept raising cardio and cutting calories until I was satisfied with my rate of weight loss, neither too much nor too little, the goal right now is around a half a pound to a pound per week tops for the final stretch and anyone with any amount of insight into nutrition would look at my diet and think I am starving myself but quite simply my body isn’t consuming enough for that to play out that way and the weight takes its sweet time to go down, which I am fine with. I can’t tell you what I did is healthy though because I am getting my bloodwork done tomorrow to check how this has affected me over the past year but I can tell you that it works, it has to, your body can hold on to fat as hard as it wants but it will not defeat thermodynamics. Calories in, calories out.

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Thanks for your input i appreciate your advice and perspective and you write extremely well.
Youve got me thinking and to look back in my twentys i always starved myself to maintain a slightly overweight physique. I used to hardly eat and do a lot more exercise back then. Ive always had weight problem. Since going on Aps ive been obese and found it even harder and im 45 yo so i guess its hard and my life is very little exercise now.
You know i think that im unwilling to fast and skip meals. I eat healthy so i should accept my weight now. My diabetes is well managed and mild and i have high cholesterol which im on meds for.
I just think i should be happy this size now and i haven’t gained since being on this med. I will just accept my weight and stop going in circles about it.
So thanks for helping me work it out!

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I keep messing with my dose and stopping meds. Last time I went off meds for 10 days before going back on them, I felt like I was getting psychotic. Recently my dr lowered my risperidone from 6 to 1.5mg, i almost went psychotic before taking extra 3mg. A few yrs ago i quit meds for 2yrs and went psychotic

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So you know not to come off your meds and you need at least 4.5mg

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I am on 6mg now, I will try to not mess with my meds

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I used to go in circles with those issues. They don’t bother me so much anymore. But it was always weight, smoking, and getting off meds. I’m now on a med that works. I’m not as concerned about my weight and smoking as I used to be. My problem now is always money. I push it right to the edge every month. I still haven’t figured out a way to handle my money. I understand your dilemma though.

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Yea i have a problem spending money as well

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