Goin to support group

My boyfriend is high on meth right now and has developed a pill issue, it’s prescribed to him but he abuses it, so my case manager found a support group for family’s with substance abuse, I also am working with my therapist in deciding if I should give up on the relationship, it’s been 4 years…


There’s probably a good chance he will drag you down with him. Meth is a super destructive drug, probably worse than the crack I got addicted to. My ex-brother -in-law died from it. He was my age and the all- American boy. Clean cut, good looking, intelligent, had a great job, went to college, lots of friends. Him and my sister bought a nice house and they were such a great couple. I know everybody says this but they were the last people you would expect to get a divorce.

IDK why they divorced but after 10 or 15 years of marriage they split up. My sister didn’t know he was doing meth for the last 6 months they were together

They broke up about 8 years ago and he just got heavily into meth. I never saw him again but he smoked up his car and his house. Then two years ago my sister got a call and someone told her ex-husband had overdosed on a mixture of meth and alcohol. He was in the ICU in critical condition. He had a stroke and it destroyed half his heart. He couldn’t talk, or move. He finally got out of the ICU. He was my age and his family put him in a home where he slept on a mattress and had to wear diapers. He regained part of his speech and used it to try to get drugs from the workers taking care of him. If anyone wants to know how strong addiction is that’s about as good an example as you will see.

So smoking meth can bring anyone down. I don’t know if you should leave your boyfriend or not but a lot of people on drugs will choose their drugs before even their wives or girlfriends. And he might even put you in physical danger. The people he does his drugs with may endanger you. Plus, where is he getting all his money for drugs?


Meth is no joke. And he’ll do anything to get more, including stealing from you or worse. I’m sorry, but in my opinion it’s best to leave him


Meth is serious. I mean really serious stuff and he will drag you down like @77nick77 said. It will be gradual but will happen.

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I can’t tell you what to do, but if I were in your shoes I would be putting some distance between myself and him. When people are high on hardcore drugs, they are not really themselves

I have lost 3 buddies to pill and alcohol overdoses. I’ve seen it up close and personal, so I do know what I’m talking about. It changes people


Meth makes people into zombies at least the guy I encountered in my workplaces parking lot. He had glossed over eyes was laughing. Jesus I felt bad for him. I just took off cos I was scared.


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