Gods help me, I'm doing a new thing and it's so California

Remember when I colored my hair blue?

The lady that did that was super cool and we bacame friends on social media.

Today she announced an event she’s hosting.

It’s for women,

And involves things like “sound bathing” “spirit cleansing”.

They are encouraging bringing crystals for some reason.

This is not my scene, but I see this ■■■■■ on social media all the time and she’s so happy.

I want some of that so I’m going to give it a try.

But I have to go by myself not knowing anyone.

Well, I know the hairdresser, but only from that event.

Wish me luck.


Good luck. I hope you have fun. Does not sound like my scene either.


I have a sister in law that does that sound bathing and she claims it does wonders for her aura.


Best of luck ! :four_leaf_clover:


The crystal thing reminds me of an awkward moment when I was a teen. I was at one of my friends houses sitting on the floor and his mom, who was seated nearby, started rubbing a crystal up and down my back. I felt so awkward that I just stared forward and pretended she wasnt doing it.

Not sure what kind of spiritual mumbo jumbo she was attempting but it was really not a comfortable experience.

Sorry, rambling a bit in your thread. Don’t want to take it over.


I went into my local herbalist that sells CBD, healing rocks, and teas and I really wanted to share in her enthusiasm but I was chuckling as I walked out the door.

That was my brief experience with that sort of thing but I hope yours turns out better.

Let us know what you thought it.


And you thought my oujui board was weird.


Hey if it might make ya happy, give it a try!



Sounds kinda scary if you don’t know what your getting into. Js


Definitely not my kind of scene
But have fun just the same!


“Sound Bathing”

Is that when you Gregorian chant Rubber Ducky in the bathtub?

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Nah, you’re going to get some benefit out of the meditations and think it’s fine, they’re just a bit overboard, it’s still a good time and relaxing. Then someones going to come up to you and say some dumb ■■■■ that you are fully aware is dumb ■■■■ nonsense and you’re going to laugh uncontrollably and make the whole rest of the event weird. :skull:

Or maybe that’s just what I would do. :joy:


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