God save the queen

A little song for us

I assure you that I am the craziest monkey here according to my pdoc


You just censored my life and my future dreams not critizing but its a little bit offending what do you expect from an international forum. I have hebephrenic schizophrenia and I have a good life rockn roll will never die!

You’ve been warned. Take it how you will. Being rude is against site policy. We have people from all walks of life in our community and you need to respect that. Behave yourself and be civil and supportive and there’s no issues here.


Im not being rude to anyone but thats a symptom so it might come out like that.

I am a sexpistols fan myself, when i was a teenager. The little i knew back than.

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Well Ive met some saudi princes throughout my life and also other princes and princesses and when you look at how they life I understand what I need to do to cope with my illness

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My lifestyle is alternative if that is not accepted you can ban me they already banned me on reddit

Maybe you need strict bedrest to cope.

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With women in lingerie serving me coffee and meds

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Yeah, something like that.

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God bless you brother

In any case Im just a hebephrenic schizophrenic who thinks that he has a magic wand, who thinks hes a king and who uses magic to conquer his territory. Maybe reality is delusional.

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So why dont you post a little song for us

Nothing wrong to live this delusion. But don’t expect we give you the royal treatment.

I pay for royal treatment but idd gladly invite you to my manor dear friend I can present you princes and princesses like in the stories we can have an orgie with fireworks and confetti

Didnt mean to make any friends sorry mods

Still waiting for the song dont be shy brother

I am one of the craziest persons on the planet maybe I should have royal treatment I think all of us deserve royal treatment here on this forum

I opened another thread with a song.

Alright before this one gets locked, I wonder when Ill get banned. Ill tell you 1 good thing about schizophrenia: the other day the cops interrogated me cause they caught my dealer I really like him so I didnt want to give him away. Do you know what I did to put an end to everything? I told them I have schizophrenia. And then the cop asked me why I wasted his time.

Ps mods: Its not always clear to me what you will censor. Thank you and I apologize.

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