God is dead

And if you go back far enough to the roots of & birth of Christianity the Devil doesn’t exist.


Your holding us all back…whether you can see it or not…

In my country

  • when one dies young, they say about him “God loved him, so He called him back early”
  • when one dies old, they say “God loved him, so He blessed him with a long life”.

Yeah, right, love is unconditional…

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I don’t see how i’m holding u back. I’m not preaching a doctorine, and i’m not telling u to abandon science. If i’m holding u back from believing in a depressing notion than i’m guilty.

We here on this Forum don’t allow religious chat as it can be triggering to some members. This is a recovery based website, and these types of topics can be stressful to some users. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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(@Patrick wearing a tinfoil hat…and a pink helium balloon tied to my little dinky)


How is it depressing… And ignorance begets ignorance…how is accepting an ignorant notion not holding us all back…

U really wanna be dead for ever and ever and ever?

This has kinda gone on past the point of being fun…

I won’t be…genes ideas discoveries are passed on…

? I’m not following

You don’t have to believe in a contradictory book. The fact is people won’t know until it happens. Maybe there is something after life but it won’t be anything from the bible

I noticed…maybe keep your god…its easier than trying to argue with pseudoscience…

Wasn’t fun In The first place unless you think picking on a minority is fun which makes you more like a bully than anything else but you go ahead and preach your hate if you like

According to the Religion and Public Life Project at the Pew Research Center, there are 2.18 billion Christians worldwide, which is about 31.6 percent of the world.

I’m not being scientific. But yes it’s stupid for me to preach to u, and idc what u think, i just felt like arguing my point to get u to think a little, maybe touch on a soft-spot u have, that’s why u started this thread right? Because the topic mattered to u

The Bible preaches Faith, Hope and Charity…

A little catholic faith never hurt me growing up. I can play piano and I’ve never been in jail!

So take THAT @flameoftherhine! :wink:

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It’s a hate thread

Wow…your whole way of thinking has killed and raped more minorities than any other entity on the planet…

You are just a hater, there is absolutely no reason for this thread accept to cause trouble, idk how you think this is good, this is a trolls thread

@Patrick loves this :smile:

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