God is dead

Or should be…he’s holding us all back…your children will be unable to participate in their own future if you teach them god…god creates numerous hurdles and closes the door on intelligent questioning…

.yea yea I know no god talk or anti god talk…but…its been a while since I had a thread closed… gods no good for a society who wants to populate other planets…gods no good for the sz mind…and gods a douche turd so nah nah boo boo…

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Funny how we always ask, ‘How could a God DO this’ when faced with hardship.

But we NEVER ask the question, “How could the Devil allow me to enjoy this beautiful sunset, or the birth of my child?”

Strange indeed!

And No one Cares! If there is a Hell, I’ll See you there!

NIN Heresy, I was in love with that song.

I agree for the most part. But it really does help some people. I am really glad I wasn’t indoctrinated into any aReligion at a young age.

I was…it helped nothing…it only made me hide for fear of judgement…I would have been on the path to recovery much earlier…

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Oh yeah I don’t think it’s good for Sz like at all. That’s my opinion though

Enjoy being dead forever down the road; wonder if that makes ur life and everything u do seem insignificant.

My genes have been passed on already…I put faith in the children not fairy tales…

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They’ll be dead too eventually

I don’t get what ur argument is…of course and they will pass their genes on to the next generation…that’s kinda how life works…

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Oh come on Flame, this one is just mean. We don’t need to give the religious folks an excuse to complain about how persecuted they are.

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@Esmtim wrote “They’ll be dead too eventually”

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Just sayin’ nothin reallly matters. I don’t get why u wanna preach atheism, believe wtv u want. But whats the point when u’ll be dead and everyone u knew will be too and nothing really would of mattered.

Lol at least we arnt burning them at the stake…religion is a joke…

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I think religion has shaped our society, dunno good or bad. @Patrick being an atheist is debbie-downerish

Womp womp womp…you pass on your genes…and we have books to pass on knowledge…what year do you live in…

Idc what year, spirit is timeless

Who knows what happens when you die. It’s easy to tell what won’t happen though, hypocritical words that aren’t even translated fully and 100% correctly which were written thousands of years ago.

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Not really. According to Christianity, God is omnipotent and omniscient. The devil is not.

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Damn you and you’re fancy words, @anon9798425!!

And I would’ve gotten away with it if it wasn’t for you meddling kids!!