God ever 'talk' to you? Personally?

I heard Jesus talk to me in voices before I was stable. It was very soothing…but there was horrible paranoia about the devil at the same time…never again…love my meds.


@jukebox I feel the same. My soothing voices were so soothing. But I don’t trust any voices anymore cos they turned corrupt.


I have a good spirit Sarah and an evil spirit Alien in my head and they communicate with me and each other, via internal voices (which went away with meds) and inserted thoughts which I sometimes still get. They try to communicate to me via songs in my head. It doesn’t bother me much.

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I try to stay away from religions… because I know it ends up in psychosis. But sometimes I like to watch prayer videos, especially from islam. They have a soothing voice, they tell me everything is going to be alright… but I have to remain careful not to go too deep with it. Otherwise I end up in psychosis.

I have never had religious delusions I used to think that the scientists outside the simulation were talking to me and helping me my delusions were so.

I don’t know which god you are talking about. When you mean the hebrew god, no he never talked to me.

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I thought I was Jesus for a while there. I got over that pretty quickly but it was a strange experience. I was drawing crosses on the fence with chalk but only got a trip to emergency for that. Thank my lovely mum who kept me home and housed me instead of the wards…Got to love that.

I don’t hear God’s voice.

But, sometimes I talk with myself.

And God may give a nod of approval or such, I ‘listen’ out for it when I want.

Thus I must be schizophrenic :grin::grin::grin:

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