Goals this weeekend


i didn’t clean last weekend. Well i take that back i cleaned a little bit. My mom is really into cleaning “my” room today. She mainly is focused on my bedroom. LOL I really do need a place of my own. my room is not that bad but she wants to clean out the closet, etc. so that’s what we are doing today. although i really don’t want too. :slight_smile:

probably go to church later this evening if it’s not snowing.

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This weekend I’m going to firm up the plans for next weekend. More people want to come. My Dad actually said he misses his surfing days and could he get in on this. Then Mom said she didn’t want to sit in the house alone so could she come. I also have a cousin that can smell the word “surf trip” and will have the van loaded before he knows where he’s going.

so this weekend… make plans for next weekend.

Take care of my sis

Try and clean this place so she doesn’t feel she has to. I want her resting not cleaning.

I am going to cook a full meal with NO help from anyone. I bought timers. The “ding” is for food is done and the “BEEP” is to remember to turn off the burners and stove.


So far I have no plans for this weekend. For me I had a very busy week. As I look around I got a lot of things to do. Water plants, wash dishes, clean bird cage and rabbits cage. If I get just these things done I will have a good weekend.

Peace be with you Ridgerunner


Clean my apartment some and start a new programming project.


my day hasn’t really started yet. just dropped my youngest off to football, taken a shed load of pills to combat migraine which r making me very drowsy so i may have a sleep. when i wake to pick max up i’ll go shopping to get something for dinner for us. too sleepy to take the dogs to the woods today even though i should. then i’ll do some washing and drying, bag up a duvet to take to the dry cleaners on monday, pick up the days poos from the garden, change the cat litter, set up my new pc and clear out my car. am at mum’s for lunch tomorrow so i’ll take the dogs with me and hopefully get over the forest after lunch. hoover my car and polish the inside, wash school uniform and anything else that needs doing. busy one for me. if i achieve half of that i’ll b happy.


The fact that your are able to fight off your SZ and be there for your kids and be able to do all this and keep organized makes me in awe of you.

It gives me hope that when I’m a Dad I can do this. I can fight down my SZ and be there for my kids. Thank you Jaynebeal.

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This weekend im gonna try to quit being intimidated by my classes…I got scared and anxious the other day, which is unusual. I made all A’s last semester and had plenty of free time left over. I just need to get used to working after being on winter break for over a month. I am taking 16 hours which is a little more than last semester but I shouldn’t be scared, that’s just not like me.

I’m gonna hit the gym with an old friend and take it really easy. I’ve got to get ready to get back in class.


thank u j! but the truth is, when ur a single parent there’s nobody to do it for u so u have to do these things. luckily my headaches r more debilitating than any other symptoms so alot of the time i can function albeit sporadically. when u become a father u’ll realise that it’s easy to love ur child and the want to do things for them stems from that. although my son has the hump with me right now coz i wont get him a dominos pizza for dinner tonight lol. i have a freezer full of food but he wants takeout… the word spoiled comes to mind lol. my own fault for relying on takeout too often becaus of the lack of motivation to cook. but thanx anyway!xxx