Goals I may not meet

I plan to start looking for work soon. I started working when I was 16 and worked most of the way through until I quit work and went to school when I was 29. I’ve spent 7 years getting an education so that I’d feel like I could find a specific job and do it from home. I’m still planning to spend a few months doing vocational training before I look for work. I’ve done a lot of research: there are proofreading jobs, I have the education to get one and people do these jobs from home right out of the gate. I got two years worth of experience working on a publication while I was in school. I’ve also spent the last two years proofreading my local newspaper, as a volunteer.


Does anyone else spend 90% of their time thinking on goals convincing themselves that they will never happen?

Thanks in advance. I’m SICK of myself.


I’m studying law right now. I am crazy excited about it and really enjoying it, but there is such a huge part of me that is all, LOL U U CAN’T DO THIS.

Don’t focus on the end goal. Focus on the steps right in front of you. It’s like we get vertigo - we take in where we are and where we’re trying to go and we freak out and fall.


I’m with @Rhubot, focus on the step you need to take now, rather than focusing on where you need to be at the endpoint. Otherwise you’re just going to overwhelm yourself. It sounds like you’re qualified for what you want to do, and it’s great that it’s something you can do from the comfort of your own home. It sounds like you have a good plan in place, just focus on each little step as they come.


I would do this; set up things to do every fraction of the day. When I was doing my thing (been AWOL for a while now…) I was the ■■■■. I would make a list of things on a steno pad, one list for morning, one for afternoon, one for evening, and then got off on checking things off the list. That sexual gratification displaced into beating old wise men in academia as well as smarmy brats got me through some tough times.

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I take the Viking approach to recovery. If I’m going to fall, it will be in battle, and it will be GLORIOUS.

You can do it. Just make today better than yesterday by accomplishing a bit more. Do that enough times and you’ll wind up in the right place.



I’ve always had the goal of living in Mexico for several years and learning Spanish. I may not meet this goal.

I’m looking for jobs in the government but I feel really uncertain. I often think that it’s not going to happen. I’m working for a temp job in the government now. I don’t know what to do if I fail to find a new job. I will leave the present job before Easter. Maybe this goal is not going to be met.

I feel similarly. I finished school last May and had some setbacks looking for work and depression. It feels like I’ll never get my meds settled enough so that I can work. Its really upsetting that I came so far only to be stymied by a job search and my mood disorder.

I’m sick of being myself too.

The reason I cannot meet this goal is because I get my meds from the government here is the U.S. I don’t know how I could get my meds in Mexico.

But something totally unrelated will open up for you

you think? Been there.

Another goal I may not meet is becoming a world famous composer like my uncle in Mexico, Ramon Inclan.