Go ride your bike 200+ miles over 2 weekends

yes, go ride a bike 200+ miles over 2 weekends (it’s fun actually, but not when I say it like that), it’s essentially 20 miles a day for 5 days, which is about 2 hours, and then report back and let us know if you have MG symptoms. there’s a research study that says Sz is a problem, autoimmune, with acetycholine (in your brain). MG is in your muscles, but acetycholine is acetycholine!

get out there, live, ride your bike! look at your health records, come on people!

I swear I’m the only person biking! i’m so frustrated!

MG symptoms look like this


i live in the country side of australia and there is actually a pretty big cycling community here !
we have two neighbours/farmers they ride and run/marathons…
the local small town has a bike shop and the old railway is being turned into a x country bike track… about 45 klm’s long.
take care


wish i could,but i have terrible knee’s…i am going for a walk later today…it is nice to hear you have something that you enjoy so much,and seem to be very good at… you go girl!!!


that is a very cool emoticon!

Happy riding…and she’s gone.

It took me till i was 14 to be ale to ride a bike and i haven’t ridden since i was about 21. Even then i only rode in the countryside where i lived and not in busier areas.
I would be too nervous to ride around the town i live in now and couldn’t cope with the traffic on the main roads as i have poor reactions/space judging skills etc. It must be good to be able to ride though.

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I’d like to ride my bike on country lanes.

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i used to ride my bike all summer like this, not think anything of it.

my body is going to hell somehow, I hope they can figure this out at the NIH, perhaps it’s my genetics, perhaps it’s something else, I cannot believe this has happened :frowning:

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I just got a bicycle. Its doing me a lot of good in getting fit. Keep it up!

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@bubbles…I used to have problems with my joints and knees. It could be that you need Glucosamine…its something Ive just started taking. You can get it at the pharmacy and also health food stores. Check it out, it might get you over your knee problems!

thanks karl,i will give it a try,