Go kart therapy

Went karting yesterday. Man it is so intense yet so peaceful. For those moments in time when your going 70+mph into 90 degree corners and doing 80mph down straights.
I can’t think about anything other than focusing on the moment.
That’s when I feel like I’m cured, cuz I’m completely in the moment with no room for anything else.


i thought go karts went 20 to 25 mph, not 70!!!

are you spoofing us

by the way I do like karting a lot too

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These are race karts.
It’s what people do before they go into formula 3 then formula 1.

Extremely fast.

That’s a junior video. I was using a senior engine unrestricted so it is faster :sunglasses::blush::blush:

do you need a drivers licence to do it

I don’t believe so.

how much does it cost

It’s pretty expensive renting or owning lol

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I d say so…

would it be 200 dollars for a race

it would strike me as too dangerous though…I prefer the slow karts

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You could rent one for about 125USD for a couple sessions.

It’s extremely tiring so you’ll be exhausted after like 8 minutes lol


That looks incredibly fun


That sounds like a good therapy… :slight_smile:


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