Go against the tide

Self-pity is so easy to give into with a psychotic illness. Go against the current and do something for somebody else…

In depersonalization there is a thing called the self-focus paradox: The more you focus on yourself, the less you feel like yourself.


Really good post, @bluey. I’ve found that helping others reminds me how to help myself.


I felt like a shmuck in the Hospital after a while…

Men and women who never had a chance…anorexic ladies. And here I was with my pie-in-the-sky affliction.

The whole experience really humbled me. But yeah, filling someone else’s bucket is a good way to start feeling better about yourself, I agree.


I wish I could vote multiple likes. I put in ten or twelve for this.

Around AA & NA, those stuck in the “pity party” are told to find a newcomer and share how they stay clean & sober. It’s worked for 80 years so far.

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Yeah, I complain about and fight myself a lot, but never been through what some of you have with things like substance abuse and sexual violence. All of us deserve to be commended for our continuing struggle to fight the good fight!

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I view my “mental illness” in the same view as when you look directly at the stars at night, they "disappear."
Only when you look slightly to either side of them do they come back in view.
Try it tonight if you have a clear view of the sky.

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