Gloomy day

Gloomy day. went for a walk, cleaned the apartment, will make a lentil/rice dish for the evening and I have work that I have postponed for tomorrow. I’m trying to keep my appetite under control but it’s really scaring me. Maybe I notice such a big difference because Geodon used to suppress my appetite? I’m not sure. I’m trying to keep my daily calories up to 1400. Just made coffee again and bought a lot of vegetables for smoothies. Broccoli, spinach, beetroot, watermelon, celery. I’m leaving for vacation in 10 days :smiling_imp:


hmmm that sounds good!

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Been gloomy day here also and bank holiday
Will be glad to get to bed

I make a puré out of it. 0.5 cup lentil, 0.15 cup rice, 2 tablespoon olive oil, 1 small onion chopped and a lot of cumin. I’m making that because it keeps me full :fearful:

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ive drank 10 pints of beer and in this moment im listening to this song

wow, it doesn’t make you drunk? I can’t have a lot of beer. I prefer martinis :cocktail:
what’s the beer called?

Got a big appetite on clozaril I want eat all the time but the things I eat are healthy, fruit, salads,wholemeal bread

I like lentils and I just love rice, so that sounds really good. I make an excelent fried rice, it’s famous amongst my family ahah

On Xeplion I try to balance my appetite but today I’m just hungry!

The weather is gloomy here too, maybe that’s why

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Can’t wait till tomorrow so I can eat again!

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budweiser a american beer, im not drunk im merry, it can be my medicine sometimes

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yeah I just started Latuda so I don’t know what’s causing me this lust for food :dizzy_face:
I stopped weight lifting 2 weeks ago and have gained 4 pound since then :worried: I do eat healthy though.

goodnight! Here it’s still 1:30 am, I’ve been up since 4

I’ve been having a bit too much pina coladas lately. will cut it out completely. :weary:

dont cut it out increase it, i can handle it


Thanks to @Minnii have been listening all day today :sunglasses:


once you can handle it you have it sussed my love @waterway

I’m gonna become really overweight if I continue drinking pina coladas :weary:

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I guess it’s different for everyone. I’ve been taking Latuda for almost two months and my appetite hasn’t changed.

Are you close to your cycle? That always makes me super hungry.

try a different beer, will i ever see you/

I’m glad you liked it! :smile:

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