Glitch in the Matrix

Im working overnights at my job a couple nights a week… and my coworker comes up to me and says, “None of this is real, this isn’t reality. Its all just a glitch in the matrix.”

So now I’m all ■■■■■■ up… I don’t want to take my meds, because it doesn’t matter… none of this is real anyways right? I’m just dreaming. This is a simulation.

Can someone just please wake me up.

I have the same ideas but I do not panic anymore. I am used to it.

I’m afraid this is all real. Don’t pay any attention to your coworker. They were probably just trying to be funny.


You’ll be ok, just relax… We are all very real and not in the matrix, everyone here has free will :upside_down_face:


This isn’t a dress rehearsal…it’s the real deal, so don’t do anything silly or try to be a Hero of some kind.


what if you could be this girl in Japan…the way you are

We’re not in the matrix.


That would ■■■■ me up too.

Facts will sort this out in the end.

what kind of facts bro??

Sounds like this person is messing you intentionally, I’d just take up for myself next time, you know?

Report them to HR, this is akin to flashing lights into an epileptics face. Piss and moan until the person come back pissing and shitting themselves to tell you that no, it was just a joke, and that in no uncertain terms is this funny. Refer to HR to your lawyer if they do nothing, and take them for w/e you can for creating a hostile work environment.

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