Glimpses of severe injury or death

I have had these glimpses for some time now but the last few weeks they have been occurring more frequently. Today driving to work I had a glimpse of being involved in a wreck in vivid detail, being taken to the hospital, and having many bones broken… the only thing I could think was how happy I was to not have to be at work. This entire experience lasted only moments but things like this keep happening… A glimpse of an accident or of my death at random times unprovoked by anything.

Has anyone else had similar things happen?

DISCLAIMER: I am not suicidal nor do I sit around thinking this stuff up. They just happen but I am not too terribly bothered by it and I feel I probably should be. As in the example above I was more focused on missing work than the realization that I had broken many bones and in critical condition.

Something else I see frequently is while walking past someone I will see their face change into something terrifying then they reach out an arm and try to grab my throat. Occasionally I will feel cold fingerprints on my neck (they should be warm if a human had did that) but no marks left usually.

I don’t see my life in danger, but I do see my kid sister dead more often then I would like. I used to picture her being kidnapped all the time too.

I was having a high stress level over something last month and for some reason I was sure my sis had died in her sleep. So I was waking her up a lot when I was checking her pulse. I was also hit with these feelings of certainty that my parents had died in a car crash or my Dad had a heart attack.

@SurprisedJ I am sorry that sounds horrible. I sometimes see something happening to ‘K’ my fiancee… but mostly it is just glimpses of something happening to me, almost like a quick short film or something… as if i am watching myself on tv have these things happen to me but it takes miliseconds for for me to see what i feel should take longer to watch… i don’t know i was just curious if anyone else had them.

i get this stuff, i wouldn’t worry about it, but i heed warnings that i see or hear but don’t dwell on them.
take care

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I get these also my therapist calls the flash forwards.

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On occasion I do visualize accidents, hospital scenes, my own death bed and even my family members death bed scenes.

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intrusive thoughts…ive been there. Still happens sometimes. I used to experience these all day, it led me to heavy drinking to just shut my frontal lobes down and feel numb to psychological pain. That and the voices eased up if I got drunk enough. Im going to AA in 30mins!

mine were mostly about getting attacked or mugged, I live in a city that is notorious for that. I also had more delusional ones about being attacked in my sleep. I kept two knives on my bedside table and combat boots next to my bed, if I heard a bump in the night I would jump into my boots and have two knives in my hands ready to kill or be killed. Not good times.

I had the marines combat manual PDF on my laptop downloaded, I read it and knew how to use knives, I also have a few belts in Krav Maga so I can disarm people in less than a second. I was actually extremely dangerous when I was psychotic, I was fit and had Krav Maga and ■■■■ fresh on my mind and the one night I got violent, all of my friends just kept a distance and seven cops parked outside of my house and surrounded me in my kitchen. I was apologetic and everything, I slurred out “Im sorry” and they could tell I felt guilty. Except for the Crisis Intervention Team officer who did the talking, the other cops had a nasty look on their faces.

My mom was the one who called it in, she said she explained that I was very fit and had four belts in Krav Maga and was psychotic and incredibly drunk.

They checked me pretty thoroughly for weapons. Every inch of me was checked. I guess that’s just procedure.

The only danger I would pose to anyone when psychotic would be accidental damage while trying to escape. I am afraid the only person i am in danger of hurting while psychotic is myself.

i like that name for them.

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