It’s on again after a 3 year hiatus due to covid and stuff.

I went back in the 90’s when I was young and drug addled in my quest to be cool. As most young people seem to do.

One of my friends is there and he is 50. I noticed on the TV it seems to be a mature audience mostly. Surely, this must have lost its appeal to the edgy youth of today. What festivals are for the young anymore?

What I do dislike though is the VIP section at the foot of the stage for the elite and wealthy. It is hardly comparable to how it was in the 90’s.

Any glasto veterans here? Or of that ilk?

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I’ve never been a festival person. I’ve gone to 1 nite shows, or at the most to shows where it was possible to check into a hotel/motel to retire in the evening.

I don’t think I would fare well trying to get sleep in a tent in a lively environment.

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Glasto is not for sleeping! In my day anyway :smiley:

Party all night long, a little kip and off you go again.

Plus it is nearly £300 for the weekend now!


That’s a hefty price. Maybe if they make a second rate citizen area I could afford it. Jk :smiling_face:

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How much is a ladder? :rofl:

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