Glad I'm Not Getting the Vaccine Until September

Perhaps over the next 7 or so months, we’ll find out if there are any adverse occurrences from this medication.

I’m taking the ‘wait and see’ approach with this vaccine…certainly not convinced I want my teenage daughters to get this injection.


I’m with you @anon39054230 but I was recently offered the vaccine by my caseworker.

I don’t know if I’ll have another opportunity in the near future.

I may take it next month if it’s still offered to me.

But all I know is that my dad felt sick for weeks after his first vaccination.

The so called experts don’t know the long term effects from these vaccines.

I might take a wait and see approach as well.

I don’t trust these vaccines.


"The so called experts don’t know the long term effects from these vaccines"

This is my main concern as well. I don’t want my daughters having children with possible birth defects down the road over the next ten to fifteen years. They are both only sixteen.

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Your dad should get some small sickness here and there after the vaccine but its minor, the vaccine has gone through reliable phase iii

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I’m not really concerned about myself getting the injection.

At 55 years of age, I consider myself kinda past my best before date. I’m more worried about my girls getting this vaccine. They have their whole lives ahead of them.

It would be nice to have the choice of turning down the vaccine rather than having to wait until close to winter as our PM is an incompetent pudstick who screwed up procurement like he has every other file he’s touched. I would like to be vaccinated already. I’ve spent my entire life being kept alive by cutting edge medical tech and am not overly concerned. My daughter would also like to be vaccinated.

You should be worried about them getting COVID. They can spend their entire lives with brain damage if they’re among the young it causes to get microstrokes from increased blood clotting. It’s anything but a flu. It’s a vascular illness with flu-like symptoms.


I’m not some kind of anti-vaccine nut.

But Big Pharma just pulled this out of their arse in a few months. There’s just no long-term studies on this vaccine, which concerns me.


They have been working on mRNA vaccines for many years and with good results. They’re designed to be a swiss army knife approach to working with all kinds of virii, you can swap out the payload depending on what virus you’re targeting. That’s how they were able to deliver so quickly, the work was mostly done when COVID hit. They just had to reprogram the delivery package for COVID. They’ll be able to retarget it for the variants as well, so expect updated vaccines soon. Pfizer was the leader here which is why their vaccine works so well.

The only people who will be worried about these vaccines in ten years are the same crowd who thinks the measles shot causes autism.

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I didn’t notice anything with the vaccine. Didn’t even feel it. No reaction. I still have to get the second one.


I will be getting my first shot Friday. Looking forward to it.


I’m definitely giving it to Starlet as soon as humanly possivle. I don’t want him to be one of the kids with long term decreased lung capacity or brain damage.


I’ve had my first one. My arm hurts a little and I felt bad for a few days like flu but now I’m fine.

It amazes me that people would rather die than have a few side effects.

On a drastic note : you lose all your teeth and go deaf.

But you would rather die?

I had very minor side effects.Second one will be due around mid May.

My State ■■■■■■ up.
Very few places are offering the vaccines in my area.

I’m waiting for my two local pharmacies to have them.

I’ll be waiting forever at this point.

I have watched a lot of TV about covid last year and as time went by younger and younger people in their 30 died of corona. If you don’t realy know it their is a four time greater risk of dying from covid when you got Schizophrenia and the scientists don’t know why. Besides of that fact is the fact that obese people have a 10 times probability of dying from Corona. My mother received the vaccine last month. Got quite I’ll after the sec. jab. But she’s still alive now in her mid 70. I want my vaccine as soon as posible.

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I won’t get it.

My country is slow anyway, and i have no reason to be offered a vaccin early, so i too don’t have a chance to get vaccinated for a very long time.

But i do not trust the vaccin and i am not scared to get covid. So i will refuse.

That’s a good thing. It means your body was trained to recognize components of COVID by the first jab and your immune system is responding properly.

Our vaccination schedules are shifting around now that the federal government sourced a large supply of nearly expired AstraZenica from a sketchy supplier. I had planned to avoid that one as it’s known to have lower efficacy, but they’re not giving it to anyone over 65 or those with serious underlying health conditions (hi there!). Looks like I’m still waiting until at least April when they get around to my cohort. They’re now also spacing out the second dose by about four months so I’ll spend this summer in hiding as well. Frustrating that our government is so incompetent in all the things they do.

I think im gonna take it
Im more afraid of the needle stick than the actual vaccine. :confused: