Glad I never lived alone

It would have been too easy to distance from family. Too easy to convince myself they wouldn’t miss me, that they don’t care. I came to this realization today that its a good thing I never lived alone. I lived with my parents then at 19 I got married and my husband and I got an apartment together.


Plus you aren’t lonely!

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There is that and its something I appreciate very very much!! I love seeing my husband every day even if I am annoyed with him.


Being annoying is our superpower.


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Thats okay. I love my hsuband and his annoyingness. I know I annoy him too. Its a give and take XD

I have lived alone for 6 years now

At first it was difficult

In the first 6 months I was hospitalised 3 times

But I got over it, and now I like my space

After that amount of time I am not sure I am partner material, as I have gotten used to it

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