Giving up things due to Schizophenia

What I’ve permanently given up
-keeping pets

(I will never get married or have kids but I guess I’m not so interested in such things to begin with so these have nothing to do with schizophenia)

What I’m giving up
-getting out of welfare
-travelling overseas

I’m blessed with what I’ve got but I want to cry because I’m so sad.

There aren’t so many things I’ve given up though. They’re actually much fewer than I thought.

Thinking about things I can’t get makes me depressed. So I want to enjoy what I’ve got.

Tell me things you’ve given up due to schizophenia.


I have given up jobs…friendship…sociolization…and alot of stuff…u look simple to me…have a good day my sister…

My list is pathetic. I didn’t have much going on before, now it has amounted to nothing.

The only thing I am not giving up is working, but that’s literally all I have done for the last few years and although it’s hard I have no choice now as the other option is being homeless.

Ever since I was a little kid I always dreamed of being a rug salesman. I still might have a chance but the odds aren’t that good.

I find it hard to understand that people are afraid to be homeless.
I say go, go to every household out there and ask them to take you in.
I can’t work and I can’t do chores, I have no choice but to do this if at a certain point I am not greatly improved/cured or my parents
can’t help me anymore(which probably won’t be soon).
I now rely on my parents for everything.

I saw a lot of homeless living in NYC for 14 years and I would be scared too. It’s uncomfortable, you have to deal with the weather, and it’s dangerous too as I’ve seen the homeless fight eachother. Also, after speaking with them, learned that the shelters are more dangerous than the curb as people will rob you and attack with knives.

I have giving up my BMW, Iphone 5s, and alot of fancy clothes.

What are you going to get instead. I’m not doing that

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I felt like God is trying to get me out of materilism.

Hi Bananatto. Life isn’t easy and Schizophrenia is one of most disabling disorder.
Just appreciate for what you have and those you can keep.


A career as an artist, deep and lasting friendships, trust, sense of peace… I don’t even know how a “normal” brain functions. No wonder I don’t feel human. I am forever on the outside looking in…
I have so much more than I ever thought I would. I am grateful. I have a good life that defies the odds.
It’s not that I wanted more.
It’s that I tried and couldn’t seem to make the choices.

I’ll tell you what i haven’t had to give up because the alternative is too depressing. I haven’t given up:

  1. Having a roof over my head
  2. Having a good supply of food
  3. Traveling when someone is willing to drive me
  4. Avoiding jail and homelessness (knock on wood)
  5. Having pleasant chats with women on occasion and playing cards a few times. Yeah so I didn’t do the rest. It hasn’t been all bad in that department.
  6. Enjoying a good rainstorm, or snowstorm once the meds quieted the voices enough to make that possible
  7. Playing with my nieces.
  8. Watching many beautiful and impressive weather and nature related sites which is something that you don’t have to pay for.
  9. Biking, swimming, walking down nature trails, going to a comedy club, climbing a mountain, watching an NBA game from the stadium, publishing poetry even if it was for no money, sitting on the beach, eating good food, and periodically having a good time in life. I was incredibly lucky that i had a chance to do all of those things because my family ties enabled me too. Oh i had hardships that many people don’t have. I rode the bus to work while others were driving, I haven’t had a real sex life, I haven’t had a family of my own, and I have suffered from full psychosis, severe insomnia, suicidal ideation, and an actual suicide attempt, hospitalized 7 times, and lived with my Mom until my 40’s but it doesn’t mean I got nothing out of life.

The list is to long and it is to late to get any of it back

I’ve given up a lot of different things unintentionally.

My job
Friends (social life)
Sense of Peace
The ability to trust others
Any kind of Sex life

The list goes on…

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I’ve given up working and all the things money can buy. I’ve given up my good reputation. I’ve given up socializing to a degree.

This song about give up

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