Giving rather than taking

People be talking about getting money from this recent revelation covid19 and i think thank god for your governments that they could be so generous to give the needy a bit more money to those that really need it,

But do you really need it? i am still receiving my benefit money and i haven’t been spending as much while everything is shutdown and my car doesn’t need filled and so i have been saving a lot of money recently so i have been trying to use the money that i would have normally spent on other things,

I have been thinking about giving a bit more to charity, i have set up a weekly tithe for my church to help lots of different charities who need it most at this time, i would normally give something in to the donation pouch that gets passed around but bc we can’t meet i can’t give that way.

I gave £55 to WHO for covid19 fund, if it gets to $10m then it gets matched, I also gave £50 to my clubhouse, and i still give to the cancer research people, guide dogs and woodlands trust.

I think if you have enough money and you care then you should give something to your favourite charities, charities are really suffering right now and it has a knock on effect.

My message for today, peace out :slight_smile:


I always give money to charity.

I Do My Best When it Comes to Charity And Freetime

But With Thus Stimulus

It is Very Much Needed

Gonna Save it For Furniture For MY BRAND NEW APARTMENT (!!!)

Much Love to The American Government… . … :100:

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