Giving myself a year to get physically healthy

So on seroquel right now. It has really helped the symptoms of the sz but my physical health has really slipped. I am very overweight, poor endurance and I don’t eat healthy.

Recently my doctor suggested a change of meds to lose weight. I tried to very slowly taper off the seroquel but I got very anxious so I went back on it.

So now I have decided to give seroquel one last shot but go on a concerted effort to lose weight and get healthy. In the past my health sprees have been few and short lived. This time I will commit to improving my health for one year.

I intend to eat healthy, go for walks, wash more often and try and get out of the house more. Well these are my intentions at least we will see how it pans out.

But I am tired of lying in bed all day. No med is change going to change that without an equally concerted effort to change my ways. Now I appreciate sz makes such efforts a lot harder to do but I can only try.









I wish you the best. I’m slowly giving up on being physically healthy. I’ve tried so hard but have been unable to keep off the weight.

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I admire your dedication to work out @anon1571434. You have stuck at it and the gains you have made are obvious.


Tbh @everhopeful I don’t have complete confidence that I will achieve any of this. This illness makes it so hard. I am currently at the heady aspirational stage of thinking. Actually doing is a whole different ballgame.

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YES I HAVE :muscle:


Me too son. I’m giving myself a year to lose 80 pounds. I’m trying just to focus on 7 pounds per month so it seems more manageable. We can do this together. No more junk food for us, OK? Smaller portion sizes, eat breakfast everyday, a little exercise daily, easy peasy. We got this!


For sure mum! Mother and son on a health tip!


These are reasonable goals, you can do it! :slight_smile:


I count my calories everyday. I weigh myself once a week. I never drink any calories. And I exercise everyday. These are my secrets to maintaining a normal weight. My BMI is 22.3

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for me what worked when i was on seroquel was cutting the seroquel, for some the amount you take is proportionate to how much weight youll gain, i went from 600 to 400 and felt some improvement in this aspect. i was taking two aps, rexulti in the morning at the time. i just increased the rexulti and decreased the seroquel, so the one filled in the gap of the other

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Im lucky in this regard. Im on rexultti and have lost all the weight i gained on risperdal.

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Your post saddens me. You are not what you weigh. Honestly I post a lot about health stuff, but seriously nutrition plays a key role in every organ. just love and take care of yourself because we’re all in pain here and want help. Sending you a thumbs up :+1: and a hug. I’m all messed up but I must carry on because time is quickly slipping through my hands like sand. Try positives that’s what I decided to do this afternoon. I want to stop being so negative cuz I have food and a roof over my head ad two fur babies. They need me…I must let them out, feed them etc. gives me responsibilities or else maybe I might shrivel. GL

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If your taking up walking may I suggest the quiet back streets?

I think it is just habit for people to walk along main roads.

Main roads arenot as pleasant, quiet, or as pretty as peoples cozy little houses and neatly kept yards.

I try for a bare minimum of twice a week. but often I do more than that.

please dont forget about all the wonder salads out there.

You can swap out types of lettuce.

We can add baby spinache.

We add chicken and apples and dried cranberries.(a sweet salad)

we can also do a chicken and guacamole salad.

We can add drained ground breakfast sausage to a bed of lettuce and tomato.

The sausage is even better with sliced green bellpepper and very thin sliced onion.

To the sausage you can stir in crushed red pepper flakes right before added to the plate.
(if you like spicey foods?)

Getting in shape is really not that bad. I think you’ll like it. (Its not all suffering. lol)
There are many fun things too.

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Hope you are successful @anon20613941. All of the advice I read sounds pretty good. I should probably do the same. I found this thread pretty inspiring. Thanks for posting.

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On a big health kick myself matey. Gradually exercising more and doing well with it. Set simple, realistic goals and try to stick to them. I’m really enjoying it and I’m sleeping less…no more naps in the days.

It’s hard to shift off a med your comfortable on. I moved off zyprexa to try abilify for weight and it wasn’t a great thing for me. I really went backwards and going back on zyprexa was really good.

Good plans matey. Hope it all goes well!

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Good choices, good healthy lifestyle. Though I weigh myself everyday and my BMI is 27-29.

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I was for 3 months on olanzapine 10mg and it weakened me physically in a very bad way.
Be warned my fellows.

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Are you sticking to you exercise regiment even 3 weeks after New Year’s? You’re right about the “gradual” part of exercising.


@anon1571434 are you welcoming him to the US?