Giving it a month

im sorry for my earlier suicidal posts.

Im giving 1 more month, hopefully things go well for me.


Are you more open to medications now?

@astefano no, But I am going to Meditate hugely…Like Every Morning for an hour (or more)

@astefano If things go bad, I will take Anti-Anxiety medications.

Man if I was suicidal I would definitely try medicine or anything else. No point in being creative or smart if you’re dead.

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I havent attempted suicide since a long time. I do have thoughts but they are like for 45 minutes a day not more than that…so i think I will be able to stay alive .

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That’s good to hear. I would miss you.

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I really hope you decide to not go through with it. Life has a lot to offer, we just have to be open to the possibilities. I thought you said you have a great job, that fulfills you.

it will be 29 more days.

The problem is the amount of Suffering I am undergoing (not my illness) is unbelievable.

I dont want to disclose much but the only thing I want to say is that has crossed what a normal human can take for quite a while now.

And I am still surviving…but I cant hold on long. It has questioned my belief in Karma and other things.

I really cannot hold on much longer.

I am giving it more days else I will call it quits in life.

I cant take it anymore.

I wanted to thank a Person due to whom I am still living. This life over past few months is HERS. It is borrowed time from HER. She has given me this life and due to her I am living.

But I cant hold on longer. If it goes more worse I will have to make her disappointed.

I am thinking of you and hope you feel better soon.

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saurav, dont give up. i am suicidal too… how about 13 years of isolation? do you imagine what my body got through? ive tried every single med on the market… i am not sure if ill do it without meds either, ill give it a try also :slight_smile:


Thanks @Anna1 …

Expecting more delusional posts…

20 more days - or about

Buddhism teaches you live in the moment…how can you live in the moment if you’re counting down days to your potential suicide. You’re driving yourself even crazier man

you dont know my situation of my life.