Giving in to anti-phsychotics

it’s been years now. i’ve tried many natural approaches including dietary changes, super foods, supplements listed here and elsewhere… i’ve tried sleeping more and meditation. i’ve even considered psycho active approaches such as ayhuasca.

i’m beat.

time to join the “dark side”

any recommendations when i see a psychiatrist?

I wrote a poem when I gave in to anti-psychotics. I remember the last two lines:

Here, take these she said
Soon you will be one of us.

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Abilify is very popular. Recently people are saying Geodon is good for negatives. Vraylar is the new thing and also supposed to be good for negatives.

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I’m glad you’re “giving in”. The ap’s can help. Hope your doctor gets it right. I’ve been taking ziprexa for 9 years and no weight problem which is the usual complaint about it. But call it using discretion, not giving in.

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Latuda seems to work well and although it isn’t weight neutral like they said it was going to be the weight gain is semi manageable.
They all suck though it’s pretty much pick your poison

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i should mention weight gain isn’t an issue for me personally since i’m well underweight. :sweat_smile:

Well then. go for it.!

I used to take geodon. Latuda is better for me.
Doctor said geodon was Junk.

If price is important you should mention it up front because they try to put you on the latest meds. They are expensive mine have been close to $900 a month. There are older generation AP’S that run closer to $10 a month. I really can’t tell much difference between the two meds

Try the later drugs if possible. Listen to your psydoc and trust them. Report side effects and symptoms no matter how minor.

If your multi episodic then early intervention with the appropriate medications will help you way more than supplements etc. It’s just the way it is.

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Thanks for the suggestions all

Same here, I tried pretty much everything in the book before medication. I have to say nothing, NOTHING works like medication does for symptoms, but these meds are HELL to be on so be prepared for that.

If I was being all science-y I’d recommend you start w Abilify as it’s supposedly supposed to have the least amount of side effects, but I have determined that to be a lie because I had a ton of bad side effects on it. Basically just pick any medication. Either it won’t work for you and will cause you a ton of bad side effects or it will work for you and cause a ton of bad side effects. It will take ages to find out which ones actually work. Then you’ll probably go into the period where you’re constantly dropping meds because of the stupid side effects but then going back on them because of the stupid symptoms. It’s a battle that doesn’t end.

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I resisted antipsychotics for years because I thought I wasn’t ill. And maybe I imagined that doctors were going to harm me in some way. When I finally decided to take them I began to feel relief from the awful mental prison I was in. Now I think of them as almost miraculous drugs.

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Schizophrenia reminds me of Giovanni Battista Piranesi’s famous sketches. This is how it felt for me

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Did you experience problems with older drugs? I like them because they are cheaper. The only difference I notice is I’m not stressing about being on $600 or more of meds a month.

we could build a company with that kind of money :joy:

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It cost $1,999 for my monthly invega injection

it doesn’t cost me anything for me meds and i get samples too since medicaid won’t cover it all. i take the meds as prescribed and i missed an injection date because the nurse called me and said she wouldn’t be in the office the day of injections

Invega is really expensive in the UK too.