Giving ghost tours now at an old insane asylum (not for the faint of heart)

“Step back in time and see how the mentally insane lived and died, within these walls”

Designed to house 250, but holding as many as 2,400 at one point. Came across this in a magazine featuring things to do close to DC. Thought I would share. Glad ppl are learning the cruelty mentally ill faced and continue to face. I encourage you to explore their website a lil and learn about the asylum and why its now thought haunted.

In the piece in the magazine the author mentioned he prayed a silent apology to the ghosts for their suffering before starting tour. And he said the tour guide gave him a couple cigarettes to light up cuz the spirits like them lmao :joy:

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That’s cool. I love haunted places. I went to a old haunted hospital and the cops gave me a trespassing warning. That place was cool though. You should go on the tour. It would be educational as well as fun.

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I spent a few months at an old insane asylum turned psychiatric hispital, that in the past housed a few thousand ppl. It would be nothing new to me

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