Give 'em Hell, Sheri!

I went in to sign a consent at my mental health office,

to release info, that sometimes psych drugs can cause a failed drug screening for a job.

I needed to sign a release to send info, went in person, receptionist botched it, had no clue, and said I didn’t know anything about employer. All I wanted was for the nurse to fax it over!

I left, then called in this Monday, and asked nicely for them to send the release in the mail, and I’ll send it back, should have gotten it Tuesday, it’s Friday, and I still haven’t gotten it.

Called the office today, and she tells me on the phone all my history, you ■■■■-ing idiot, that doesn’t matter!!

My God, I’ve already lost this job, and I Have Never Done Drugs in my whole life!

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