Girls rejecting girls gets very real

Gosh, I used to scorn other young women when I was growing up. And the mature ones who could see through me, I needed them like a child. I should have been growing then. Instead, all my energy was going into an attempt to be cute and loveable. How insecure.

I think I am cute, loveable and also very mature. Most girls are. I just can not tolerate fakeness.

what does this have to do with insecurity though? being lovely and funny are good traits. All women are lovely when graceful.

I’m not graceful.

I think you are. and if you’re not… don’t fake it. :o) you are lovely. we all have crazy times in life.

Haha neither am i… but i dont want to be :wink: i prefer to be badass and a force to reckon with than dainty and cute. Though if that is your desire either female or male i say rock on!

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