Girls have a different center of gravity than boys

Just noticed a major difference between men and women Learning this for better posture and mobility.

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Yup. Lower to the ground. More stable. It’s harder to tilt forward and get out from underneath them for thing like sprints, long jumps, pole vaults, high jumps and other fast explosive erratic movements where the key is to catch up to your center of gravity. But beleive it or not it is quite beneficial for long trail runs, as the external forces of the terrain have less effect on them. Thats why the record mile times and sprint times have such a large gaps between male and female proportional to the distance, but in ultra marathons things begin to level out. And its not uncommon to see women win 50+ mile races races, even over the men.

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that’s pretty insightful…

its also why women’s bikes are designed with a lower center of gravity… men’s center of gravity is high enough that they can lean the bike easily… with females its a lot more difficult leading to a lot of extra strain and difficulty…

interesting stuff though… the running thing… just lean forward a little farther are run like hell so you don’t fall down… if I ever find myself sprinting again… I’ll try to remember that (hopefully I don’t fall down)

one trick I learned… if you can’t will your legs to move any quicker… pump your arms faster… the rhythm of the body will speed up the legs… (you will still wind up incredibly worn out.)


Oh yeah. Im a distance runner so stability, center of gravity, and form are more my expertise. But hand do directly effect your form and stability. Making sure hands go up and down makes sure your feet go back and forth in a strait line, keeping force forward. It also counters the force of each step keeping your core and hips stable. Try to run with one arm behind your back to get a good idea if how arms effect stability…

Running is sort of my thing… I love talking about it. My old coach recently made it into the athetics hall of fame and i am currently training for a 50 mile race.


also good info… never thought about the lost force wasted on irregular movements…

I did some running back in highschool… but have given up on that a long time ago… still I find myself sprinting at times… trying to catch up to my drunk and negligent buddies when they stumble out of the bar without telling me…

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Like my coach always sais, “Up and down never side to side! Your left hands in the Olympic games, but your right side looks like something i caught at the lake the other day! Flip Floppin’ around and gasping for breath all over the place! Fix your hands or I’ll have to put you out of your misery!”

My coach was… Intresting to say the least.

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there used to be this deal I used to like to show people someone taught me about this…if you place a chair against the wall and if a guy puts his head against the wall above the chair he cannot lift the chair…(center of gravity) If a girl puts her head above the chair on the wall she CAN lift the chair.

While sitting in the chair?

no, you have to lean over the chair, put your head against the wall and try picking up the chair by the seat of the chair with both hands. try it at your house it would be fun to do it with men and women there?

oh. ok, now I understand. I will definitely try it out.

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